Dream 4 Premio Life 430

Year: 2020

Mark: Buerstner

Full weight: 1360 kg

Model: Premio Life 430 TS

Complectation: full

The rental price includes:

  • 12V battery
  • Gas cylinder
  • Dinnerware, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pan
  • Hand towel 2 pcs
  • Gas stove lighter
  • Chemistry for the toilet and special toilet paper
  • Filled Water Tank
  • 10 liter canister with spout to refill the water tank
  • Waste water tank
  • Towbar lock
  • Footstool and shoe tray
  • Wheel brakes 2 pcs

All technical data

Weight and dimensions

Full length, including drawbar, cm: 614

Full length (inside), cm: 551

Full length (outer), cm: 488

Arc length, cm: 968

Full width, cm: 212

Full height (external), cm: 261

Full height (internal), cm: 208

Maximum permissible curb weight, kg: 1360

Maximum weight without equipment, kg: 940

Payload, kg: 420

Wheel / tire size: 185 R 14 C

The size of the bed in front, cm: 208 x 90

Second bed in front, cm: 203 x 83

The size of the bed in the back, cm: 212 x 170/160

Size of a folding bed, cm: 200 x 144

Number of beds: 4



Chassis: yes

Corner posts: yes

Wheel housing insulation: yes

Hitch AK 160: yes

Spare wheel: yes

Wheel caps: yes


External Details

A two-part door without a window: is

External panel, forged side wall, white: yes

Hatch 40 * 40 cm: yes

Double-glazed windows with shutters: yes

Anti-hail fiberglass roof: yes

Fiberglass front panel: yes

Fiberglass rear panel: yes

Front window: yes

Rear window, rear: yes

Mansard hatch 50 x 70 cm: yes

Service hatch 1000 x 420 mm, front right: yes

Mosquito net on the front door: yes


Residential Block

Beds with cold foam mattress: yes

Slatted beds: yes

Living area tinting: yes

Backrests with ventilation: yes

Reading lights in living rooms and bedrooms: yes



Refrigerator 90 l (9 l freezer): yes

3-ring gas stove: yes


Water supply

44 liter water canister: yes

Toilet: yes

Warm water supply (Therme) electr. with 5 l of water, 300 W: yes


Gas system

Gas heater S 3004: yes

Circulation unit 230 V: yes


Electrical system

Lighting 12 V / 230 V: yes

LED lamps with shutdown in the entrance zone: yes

230 V sockets: yes

Socket 230V / 12V / TV: yes

New caravan with comfortable equipment including an air circulation system, hot water, a gas stove and a refrigerator with a freezer. It has LED lights that are charged while driving. A big advantage is a large, comfortable bed and a spacious trunk. The mobile home is designed for four people. This caravan is compact and convenient for maneuvering - since the trailer is not so wide, there is less need for side mirrors.

Caravan rent in Tallinn. Dream 4 karavan Premio Life 430

Caravan rent in Harjumaa. Balance 4 karavan Premio Life 430.

Caravan rent in Harjumaa. Dream 4 karavan Premio Life 430.

Caravan rent in Tallinn. Dream 4 karavan Premio Life 430.

Caravan rent in Harjumaa. Dream 4 karavan Premio Life 430.

Caravan rent in Tallinn. Dream-4 karavan Premio Life 430

Minimum rental period: 3 days

Max car gross weight: 2 140 kg (B-cat) / 2 890 kg (B96-cat)

Full weight 1360 kg

Air circulation system, refrigerator

6,14 x 2,12 x 2,61 gross
4,20 x 2,02 x 1,98 net

Hot water, toilet

LED lights with batteries