Minimum rental period in high season (June-August) 4 days and in low season (September-May) 2 days

The Freedom caravan is the largest caravan in our product range. Produced by a German manufacturer and is fully assembled.

This caravan accommodates up to six people - you can go on a trip with the whole family! There is a bunk bed for children, a double bed at the other end of the caravan and two more sleeping places are provided above the folding table.

If a family (or group of friends) of four is traveling, the accommodation is particularly comfortable as you don't have to fold the table.

There is an air circulation heating system. The kitchen has a gas stove with three gas burners, 90-liter refrigerator and 9-liter freezer. There are also LED lights that are charged while driving. Toilet and shower available.

Get your family or friends together and go on vacation!

Freedom 6 karavan Premio Life 490

Technical data

Year: 2020

Brand: Buerstner

Full weight: 1500 kg

Model: Premio Life 490 TK

Complectation: full

The rental price includes:

  • 12V battery
  • Gas cylinder
  • Dinnerware, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pan
  • Hand towel 2 pcs
  • Gas stove lighter
  • Chemistry for the toilet and special toilet paper
  • Filled Water Tank
  • 10 liter canister with spout to refill the water tank
  • Waste water tank
  • Towbar lock
  • Footstool and shoe tray
  • Wheel brakes 2 pcs

All technical data


Weight and dimensions

Full length, including drawbar, cm: 716

Full length (internal), cm: 594

Full length (external), cm: 521

Arc length, cm: 1000

Full width, cm: 212

Full height (external), cm: 261

Full height (internal), cm: 198

Maximum permissible curb weight, kg: 1500

Maximum weight without equipment, kg: 960

Payload, kg: 240

Wheel / tire size: 185 R 14 C

The size of the bed in front, cm: 189 x 152

The size of the bed in the central part, cm: 188 x 122

The size of the bed at the back, cm: 190 x 63

Second bed at the back, cm: 192 x 71

Number of beds: 6



Chassis: yes

Corner posts: yes

Wheel housing insulation: yes

Hitch AK 160: yes

Aluminum rims: yes

Spare wheel: yes

Wheel caps: yes


External Details

A two-part door without a window: is

Front panel, forged side wall, white: yes

Hatch 40 * 40 cm: yes

Double-glazed windows with shutters: yes

Anti-hail fiberglass roof: yes

Fiberglass front panel: yes

Fiberglass rear panel: yes

Garage door 560 x 1150 mm, rear right: yes

Front window: yes

Rear window, rear: yes

Mansard hatch 50 x 70 cm: yes

Service hatch 1000 x 420 mm, front left: yes

Service hatch 1000 x 420 mm, front right: yes

Mosquito net on the front door: yes


Residential Block

Beds with cold foam mattress: yes

Slatted beds: yes

Tonic Life: yes

Backrests with ventilation: yes

Reading lights in living rooms and bedrooms: yes



Refrigerator 90 l (9 l freezer): yes

3-ring gas stove: yes


Water supply

44 liter water canister: yes

Toilet: yes

Shower tray: yes

Warm water supply (Therme) electr. with 5 l of water, 300 W: yes


Gas system

Gas heater S 3004: yes

Circulation unit 230 V: yes


Electrical system

Lighting 12 V / 230 V: yes

LED lamps with shutdown in the entrance zone: yes

230 V sockets: yes

350 VA Converter: yes

Socket 230V / 12V / TV: yes


Audio - Media

TV monitor bracket, cable and plug: yes

Max car gross weight: 2 000 kg (B-cat) / 2 750 kg (B96-cat)

Full weight 1500 kg

Air circulation system, refrigerator

7,16 x 2,12 x 2,61 gross
5,94 x 2,02 x 1,98 net

Hot water, shower, toilet

LED lights with batteries

Haagissuvila rent Tallinnas Freedom

Karavani rent Harjumaas Freedom

Karavani rent Tallinn Freedom

Haagissuvila rent Harjumaas Freedom

Karavani rent Tallinnas Freedom

karavan rent tallinnas Freedom

Optional equipment


20 € / trip

4 light chairs + table


30 € / trip

Sheets, pillows, pillows, towels


20 € / trip


20 € / trip


30 € / trip


40 € / trip

TENT 350 × 250

40 € / trip

TV 25″ (Full HD)

30€ / trip

Remote control, mouse, Android, Smart TV


15€ / trip


20 € / trip

29 liters


10€ / trip



10€ / trip


30 €