External thermal blinds TECON COVERCRAFT Isolux with foldable front


The exterior insulating mat is used to precisely cover the cab window region of the specified models and protects against unwanted views, excessive heating or cooling of the cab when the vehicle is stationary for long periods and against icing of the windows in winter. In addition, the front can be opened to allow daylight into the vehicle. Thanks to the special material under the outer insulation, the mat retains its shape even when open, even in strong winds, and you can look out but are protected from prying eyes and sunlight


* with fold-down front
* with practical duffel bag packaging
* small pack size despite strong insulation
* with optimized door fastening for 100% tightness

Manufacturer’s colour matt silver
Colour silver
Weight 3.3 kg

Suitability of vehicle type van
Area of application exterior
Material isulox (60% polyethylene, 40% polyester)



Ford Transit from 2024, Fiat Ducato X250/X291, MB Sprinter from 2018 (VS 30), VW Crafter