Skylight roofSTAR 7 motorised 700 x 500 mm


The ultra-light roofSTAR 7 rooflight was specially developed to meet the highest demands. It combines a completely new and innovative design with simultaneous weight savings. The extremely flat design also significantly improves aerodynamics, wind resistance and noise levels while driving. Motorised version, which is operated via a switch that is integrated directly into the frame and is therefore very easy to reach.

Extremely sturdy: made of proven, UV-resistant ASA and PMMA material.
Effective blackout: roofSTAR models have an integrated roller blind system that creates an effective blackout and is easy to use.
Easy to assemble: generously dimensioned sealing channel for receiving the sealant and thus preventing problems with water ingress.
Flexible: the roofSTAR 7 can easily be retrofitted.
Suitable for everyday use: the inner frame of the roofSTAR rooflights can be easily removed and reattached for quick cleaning.
Water management: with an effective water drainage system to prevent splash water from entering the vehicle.
Spoiler effect: the rubber sealing lip on the hinge side effectively minimises noise.

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Colour white
Weight 7.1 kg
Scope of delivery includes mounting kit for roof thickness 25 – 32 mm
Wide pack size 58 cm
Height pack size 18 cm
Deep pack size 59 cm

Forced ventilation yes
Structure blackout
Frame material plastic
Hood colour tinted
Frame colour white


Forced ventilation

with forced ventilation, without forced ventilation


with lightning, without lightning