TECON COVERCRAFT outdoor insulating mat


Isolux external insulating mat, floor-length, separable. Insulates the driver’s cab against cold and heat, including solar radiation. Simple and secure attachment. Upper part can be used separately as insulation for driver’s cab windows.
With a high insulation value and proven long-term adhesion, a relatively low weight and volume is achieved despite the large areas.
Horizontal separation makes it possible to use only the upper part for shorter stays, in the summer or when there is less severe frost.
The upper and lower part can be placed in two separate duffel bags (connected only at the loops), allowing better stowability and easier handling. With optimised door fastening for 100% tightness.

Includes duffel bag with quick-release fastener

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Colour grey
Weight 7.8 kg
Wide pack size 80 cm
Diameter pack size 27 cm

Suitability of vehicle type van
Area of application exterior