Vehicle cover HINDERMANN Wintertime for integrated motorhomes and alcove vehicles


The new Wintertime series of Hindermann protective covers are made from a breathable 3-layer SFS-3 nonwoven material and feature good tear resistance and a low weight.

For a good fit on your vehicle type, you can choose from four basic shapes that fit universally on different makes of vehicle.

For motorhomes alone, there are three basic shapes that meet the different contours, body widths and body heights of integrated, compact integrated, partially integrated and alcove vehicles. Each protective cover has four zippers, which (when open) make it easier to put on and take off and allow access to the entrance door or storage compartments on the left side of the vehicle. All protective covers have an eyelet strip on both sides as well as tensioning straps on the front and rear.

Includes clamping material and storage bag.


Colour grey

Height 270 cm
Length 610 / 650 / 710 / 750 / 810 / 860 cm
Width 235 cm

Area of application exterior
Product type vehicle protective cover
Suitability of vehicle type motorhome
Material polypropylene



610 cm, 650 cm, 710 cm, 750 cm, 810 cm, 860 cm